Information Sheet Number 4
April 2000

Novels by P G Wodehouse appearing in Magazines

Of the novels written by P G Wodehouse, the vast majority were serialised in magazines, some appearing in a single issue. The nature of the serialisation changed with time. The early novels were serialised in almost identical form to the published book, but from the mid-1930s there was an increasing tendency for the magazine serialisation to be a condensed version of the novel. In some cases, the condensed version was written first.

Attention is drawn in particular to the following titles:

The Prince and Betty, which in both the UK and US magazine appearances, was based on the UK rather than the very different US book version of the text.

The Eighteen Carat Kid, which in serial form consisted only of the adventure aspects of The Little Nugget, the love interest being added to ‘flesh out’ the book.

Something New, which contained a substantial scene from The Lost Lambs (the second half of Mike) which was included in the American book but not Something Fresh, the UK equivalent.

Leave It To Psmith, the magazine ending of which in both the US and the UK was rewritten for book publication in both countries.

Laughing Gas, which started life as a serial of novelette length, and was rewritten for book publication to mor ethan double its original length.

The Luck of the Bodkins, which after being rejected by the Saturday Evening Post for a wholly unrelated reason, was rewritten some 25,000 words shorter. The original version appeared as the UK book; the rewritten version was published in the US.

Uncle Fred in the Springtime, at the request of the Editor of the Saturday Evening Post, the original version was reduced in complexity by the exclusion of two important characters before magazine publication. The original version appeared in book form in both UK and US.

Many other serialisations differed from book texts in relatively minor. The novels listed above are considered to be the ones in which aficionados would be most interested.

It is most probable that some serialisations, especially in Canadian or provincial US magazines, have been inadvertently omitted. Information as to such matters would be most welcome. Readers should note that no attempt has been made to list serialisation outside the UK, the US and Canada.



United Kingdom

North America

The Pothunters Public School Magazine 1-02 to 3-02
The Gold Bat Captain 10-03 to 3-04

as By Order of the League

Boy’s Friend 6/1-23 to 24/2-23
The Head of Kay’s Captain 10-04 to 3-05
The White Feather Captain 10-05 to 3-06
Jackson Junior 1 Captain 4-07 to 9-07
The Lost Lambs 1 Captain 4-08 to 9-08
The Luck Stone Chums 23/9-08 to 20/1-09
Love Among the Chickens Circle 9/08 to 3/09
The New Fold 2 Captain 10-08 to 3-09
Psmith, Journalist Captain 10-09 to 3-10
The Intrusion of Jimmy 3 Titbits 23/8-10 (first instalment)
The Prince and Betty 4, 6 Strand 2-12 to 4-12 Ainslee’s 1-12
The Eighteen Carat Kid 6 Captain 1-13 to 3-13 Munsey 8-13

as The Little Nugget 6

Philadelphia Record 12/5-40
The White Hope 5, 6 Munsey 5-14
Something New Saturday Evening Post 26/6-15 to 14/8-15
Uneasy Money Strand 12-16 to 6-17 Saturday Evening Post 4/12-15 to 16/1-16
Piccadilly Jim Saturday Evening Post 16/9-16 to 11/11-16
A Damsel in Distress Saturday Evening Post 10/5-19 to 28/6-19
The Little Warrior Colliers


10/4-20 to 28/8-20
1/8-20 to 15/11-20

as Jill the Reckless

Grand 9-20 to 1-21
Three Men and a Maid Pan Woman’s Home Companion 10-21 to 12-21
The Adventures of Sally Grand 4-22 to (about) 10-22 Colliers 8/10-21 to 31/12-21

as Mostly Sally

Household Magazine 11-25 to 4-26
Leave it To Psmith Grand 7-23 to 12-23 Saturday Evening Post 3/2-23 to 24/3-23
Bill the Conqueror Saturday Evening Post 24/5-24 to 12/7-24
Sam in the Suburbs Saturday Evening Post 13/6-25 to 18/7-25

as Sam the Sudden

Sunny 7-25 to 2-26
The Small Bachelor New 11-26 to 5-27 Liberty 18/9-26 to 25/12-26
Money for Nothing London Calling 3/3-28 to 28/7-28 Liberty 16/6-28 to 22/9-28
Summer Lightning Pall Mall 3-29 to 8-29 Colliers 6/4-29 to 22/6-29
Big Money Strand 10-30 to 4-31 Colliers 20/9-30 to 6/12-30
If I Were You Daily Mail 5/6-31 to 3/7-31 American 4-31 to 7-31
The Medicine Girl Colliers
Philadelphia Record
4/7-31 to 1/8-31
Hot Water Colliers 21/5-32 to 6/8-32
Heavy Weather Saturday Evening Post 27/5-33 to 15/7-33
Right Ho, Jeeves Grand 4-34 to 9-34 Saturday Evening Post 23/12-33 to 27/1-34
Thank You, Jeeves Strand 8-33 to 2-34 Cosmopolitan
Family Herald & Evening Star
1-34 to 6-34
24/3-37 to 11/8-37
Laughing Gas Pearson’s 7-35 to 12-35 This Week 24/3-35 to 28/4-35
The Luck of the Bodkins Passing Show 21/9-35 to 23/11-35 Red Book 8-35 to 1-36
Summer Moonshine Pearson’s 9-37 to 4-38 Saturday Evening Post 24/7-37 to 11/9-37
The Code of the Woosters Daily Mail 6/9-38 to 21/10-38 Saturday Evening Post 16/7-38 to 3/9-38
Uncle Fred in the Springtime Saturday Evening Post 22/4-39 to 27/5-39
Quick Service Saturday Evening Post 4/5-40 to 22/6-40
Money in the Bank Saturday Evening Post 8/11-41 to 27/12-41
Full Moon 6* Liberty 11-47
Uncle Dynamite 6* Liberty 4-49
The Mating Season 6* Star Weekly, Toronto 12/22-49
Phipps to the Rescue 7 Colliers 24/6-50 to 22/7-50
Pigs Have Wings Colliers 16/8-52 to 20/9-52
The Return of Jeeves 6*     Ladies’ Home Journal 4-54

as Ring for Jeeves 6*

    Star Weekly, Toronto 5/9-53
Double Jeopardy 6* 10 Star Weekly, Toronto 4/12-54
French Leave 8 John Bull 12/11-55 to 3/12-55
Something Fishy 8 John Bull 29/9-56 to 13/10-56 Colliers 31/8-56 to 14/9-56
Cocktail Time 6* Ladies’ Home Journal 4-58
How Right You Are, Jeeves 9 John Bull 29/8-59 to 19/9-59
Ice in the Bedroom 6* Star Weekly, Toronto 5/11-60
Service with a Smile Star Weekly, Toronto 26/8-61 to 2/9-61
Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves 8 Playboy 2-63 to 3-63
Biffen’s Millions 8 Playboy 2-64 to 3-64
The Purloined Paperweight Star Weekly, Toronto 29/4-67 to 6/5-67

Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin 6

Star Weekly, Toronto 28/4-73



The two constituent parts of the novel Mike. Jackson Junior was also published as Mike at Wrykyn; The Lost Lambs asMike and Psmith and Enter Psmith.


Book publication as Psmith in the City.


US book title; used in an English magazine. UK book title A Gentleman of Leisure.


The UK book text in both countries’ magazines.


Book publication as The Coming of Bill (UK) or Their Mutual Child (US)


Published in a single issue of the magazine. With asterisk means condensed.


Book publication as Barmy in Wonderland (UK) or Angel Cake (US)


Abridged versions in magazines.


Book publication as Jeeves in the Offing.


Book publication as Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit in the UK and Bertie Wooster Sees It Through in the US.

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