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An exciting new publication is about to go on sale (for more information click here).

New Anthology

On 10 November, Hutchinson are publishing Highballs for Breakfast, a short Wodehouse anthology. It is a neat summation of PGW’s way of applying humour to alcohol. Click here to pre-order or here for more information.

Andrzej Klimowski exhibition

Members who admire the cover illustrations for the Everyman/Overlook series of Wodehouse books will be interested to hear of an exhibition featuring those very covers, now on at London Print Studio. The artist, Andrzej Klimowski, is the London-born son of Polish parents who was once head of illustration at the Royal College of Art and, in addition to his illustration work, has made films, designed theatre posters, and written novels. Acclaimed in both the UK and US, Klimowski’s witty cover designs for the Everyman books illustrate all 95 books written by Wodehouse during his lifetime. They feature innumerable well-known Wodehouse characters, and pay due reverence to Wodehouse’s delightfully madcap world. The exhibition features linocuts, installations, and hand-made props, as well as prints, many of which are for sale. This exhibition is part of London Design Festival 2016. The best part? Admission is free from Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30-5.30. The exhibition runs from September 9 to October 27 at London Print Studio, 425 Harrow Road, London W10 4RE. Buses 18, 28, 31, 36 and 328 run close by. Click here for more information.

HRH The Duke of Kent: A Life of Service

… has been published to celebrate Prince Edward’s 80th birthday 9th October 2015. The 220,000-word book, consisting of 21 chapters, 563 pages, and 167 photographs, is available over the Internet and in high street bookshops, details below:

Amazon paperback hard cover; ISBN No. 978-1-51722-060-0 – cost £20

Kindle format ebook; ISBN No. 978-1-84396-350-9 – cost £9.99

Both are available from Amazon UK (click here)

ePub format ebook; ISBN No. 978-1-84396-351-6 – cost £9.99 available: www.ebookversions.com

Book Depository UK: www.bookdepository.com

Make your own Perfect Nonsense

If you belong to an ambitious theatre group and think you could carry off producing your own version of the J & W West End hit, then you need to read this (click here).

What Goes Around Comes Around

The September 2013 issue of Wooster Sauce reported on page 13 that a new book of Wodehouse’s verse was in preparation and would be published in the New Year. Arrangements for the publication of the collection, entitled What Goes Around Comes Around – A Celebration of Wodehouse Verse, have now been completed and it became available in March 2014, at a price of £12 plus postage (£3 in the UK; £5 to Europe; and £8 further afield). It was published privately by Harebrain Publishing and is not available through Amazon or any similar distributor. Its hundred Wodehouse verses have been selected by Tony Ring as a fair representation of the breadth of subject-matter about which he wrote – including Sport, Entertainment, Politics, Crime, Food and Romance. By far the majority date back over a century, and very few are to be found in general anthologies. A few verses of later origin have been included to ensure that this work is fully representative. Tony and Eric Midwinter have provided appropriate contextual notes where these might assist the reader in understanding the context in which the verse was written. Times diarist and Society member Patrick Kidd has written a Foreword. Members who wish to order a copy or copies are invited to write to Tony Ring at 34 Longfield, Great Missenden, HP16 0EG or contact him by e-mail at ring.tony@yahoo.co.uk. Payment should be made with the order and may be by cheque payable to ‘A J Ring’ and denominated in pounds, or by sterling credit to his Paypal account: ring.tony@yahoo.co.uk. Arrangements can probably be made to accommodate overseas purchasers who cannot access one of these methods – please ask when placing the order. Unfortunately, card payments are not acceptable.

A Special Pub For Wodehouseans (but do they have pork on the menu?)

If you are going to find yourself in the Southampton/New Forest area at some point in the future, then ensure you make time for a detour to the town of Copythorne, where a treat awaits all of the PGW faithful (click here for more information).

The French Connection

Before the Blandings broadcast, a very funny piece appeared on the BBC News website, from their Paris correspondent Hugh Schofield, all about Wodehouse and the French. Click here to view.

Rare book offer - A Man of Means

Click here for details.

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