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The PG Wodehouse Society (UK)

Here’s a list of our most recent events. Click the title to see a report.

Recent events

British Library PGW Archive launch

2016 AGM

Biennial dinner 20 October 2016

Cheltenham Tree Dedication, 14 July 2016

Society meeting 29 June 2016

Society meeting 10 February 2016

2015 AGM

Psimth in Pseattle (TWS Convention 2015)

Society meeting 22 July 2015

Society meeting 11 February 2015

2014 AGM

Biennial Dinner, 16 October 2014

Swedish Library

Newbury Show 2014

Society meeting 15 July 2014

Society meeting 18 February 2014

US Society Convention Chicago October 2013

Several Society members crossed the Atlantic in October 2013 for The Wodehouse Society's biennnial shindig in Chicago and, judging by the pictures to the left, a good time was had by all!

2013 AGM

Society meeting and Open Mic – 9 July 2013

Jeeves Centenary Brunch July 2013

A Weekend with the Scones

Leave It To Jane at the Lion Theatre, W42nd Street, New York

Carry on Jeeves, Lincoln, March 2013

Society meeting – 19 February 2013

AGM 2012 and interview with Sophie Ratcliffe

Biennial Dinner, 25 October 2012