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Audiobooks and CDs

New Audio tapes/CDs for 2009

The Society has received information from CSA of their abridged Audio tape/CD's schedule of Wodehouse-related releases this year (2009):

Available April 2009 - The Inimitable Jeeves (vol 1 of 2), unabridged

Available June 2009 - Pigs Have Wings

Available July 2009 - Right Ho, Jeeves

Available November 2009 - Service with a Smile

For further details you can go to the CSA website, or contact CSA Word, Canongate Books, Eardley House, 4 Uxbridge Street, London W8 7SY (tel: 020 7467 0842).

Wodehouse: A Life, Robert McCrum's biography, is now available as an audiobook, read by Bill Wallis: £25.99 for 16 cassettes or 16 CDs. Available from The Audiobook Collection, Freepost, Bath BA1 3QZ. Telephone orderline: 0800 136919. Reference No 14056 01175 - 16 cassettes; 14056 70894 - 16 CDs.

Piccadilly Jim

CSA Telltapes Ltd has produced a 'lightly abridged' reading of Piccadilly Jim, read by Society patron Martin Jarvis. It is available on 4 CDs, and runs for 5 hours (the normal running time for audiobooks of abridged novels of this length is 2 to 3 hours). The ISBN is 1-904605, and the normal retail price is £ 15.99. The audiobook can be ordered through bookstores. More details can be found on the CSA website (link above)

Audiobooks on CD (available from www.audiobookcollection.com)

A Damsel In Distress  Jonathan Cecil  £20.99

A Few Quick Ones  Jonathan Cecil  £20.99

Blandings Castle  James Saxon  £21.99

Cocktail Time   Jonathan Cecil  £20.99

Eggs, Beans And Crumpets Jonathan Cecil  £20.99

Hot Water   Jonathan Cecil  £20.99

Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit Various   £12.99

Jeeves In The Offing  Simon Callow    £9.99

Lord Emsworth And Others Nigel Lambert  £21.99

Meet Mr Mulliner  Various   £15.99

More Mr Mulliner  Various   £12.99

Service With A Smile  Nigel Lambert  £20.99

Thank You, Jeeves  Simon Callow    £9.99

Uncle Dynamite   Jonathan Cecil  £21.99

Young Men In Spats  Jonathan Cecil  £20.99

Also Love Among the Chickens, read by Jonathan Cecil, 4 cassettes for £14.99 or 4 CDs for £19.99.

BBC Audiobooks

Jonathan Cecil reading unabridged (as usual):  Piccadilly Jim: 8 cassettes for £16.99 or 8 CDs for £21.99

BBC Radio Collection (01624 675 137)

The Code of the Woosters

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit

Joy in the Morning

Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit

The Inimitable Jeeves

Right Ho, Jeeves

The Mating Season

All dramatisations featuring Michael Hordern and Richard Briers. £8.99 each.

Chivers unabridged readings (01225 443400)

Leave It to Psmith, read by Jonathan Cecil

Psmith in the City, read by Jonathan Cecil

Service With a Smile, read by Nigel Lambert (October 1998)

Summer Lightning, read by John Wells

Uncle Fred in the Springtime, read by Jonathan Cecil

Uneasy Money, read by Nigel Lambert

CSA Telltapes (0541 557222)

Carry On, Jeeves

Carry On Jeeves in America

Readings of 4 stories on each tape by Martin Jarvis. £7.99 each

Jonathan Cecil on Himself