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Within this section of our website is a comprehensive Information Sheet on the Wartime Controversy surrounding Wodehouse. This includes a Summary as well as a more detailed Main Paper. If you are researching into this area of Wodehouse's life, we do suggest that you read this information fully.

Wodehouse’s Actions During the War – Put In Context

A transcript of the first Berlin Broadcast

A transcript of the second Berlin Broadcast

A transcript of the third Berlin Broadcast

A transcript of the fourth Berlin Broadcast

A transcript of the fifth Berlin Broadcast

Plaque Ceremony at Fort Huy in Belgium - September 2000

When the Germans occupied France, Plum tried to escape from his Le Touquet home but was arrested, and taken to a series of internment camps, including Loos prison, Liege barracks, and ending up in Tost in Upper Silesia. One camp along the way was at Fort Huy, in Belgium, where this plaque was erected by the Society, together with the Drones Club, at a ceremony in September 2000 to commemorate the five weeks that he spent there. (Thanks to Bob Land from The Netherlands for sending us this photo.)