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Everyman's Library to publish their 70th P G Wodehouse book in May 2010!

In May 2010 the Everyman's Library will publish their 70th P G Wodehouse book as part of their memorable hardback series entitled The Everyman Wodehouse.

These exquisite editions of Plum's work are a joy to read and, through their elegant appearance, bring great distinction to any bookshelf.

The 70th book in The Everyman Wodehouse series will be A Pelican at Blandings. This is currently due for publication towards the end of May 2010.

Please ‘watch this space’ for further news about this. Not only does the publication of 70 books in the same hardback edition almost certainly set a record but what appears to make it unique is that all 70 books are still in print – with a dozen or more still to come!

In A Pelican at Blandings, Clarence, the Earl of Emsworth, once again has to put up with his dreaded sister Lady Constance Keeble staying at Blandings Castle. Also to his chagrin the Duke of Dunstable and a number of other hangers-on are staying also. To complicate matters a painting of a reclining nude becomes the centre of much intrigue. Fortunately Clarence’s brother Galahad Threepwood, notorious for his exploits as a young man and still longing after the days of his beloved Pelican Club, is on hand to put things aright, ensure sundered lovers are re-united and clear up all the mysterious loose ends.