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A new Jeeves and Wooster book

Ben Schott, creator of Schott’s Original Miscellany, is switching to fiction to write a new Jeeves and Wooster book for Hutchinson. Jeeves and the King of Clubs, written with the approval of the Wodehouse Estate, will be published next year.

Henry Ernest Wodehouse

Out of principally historical interest, we thought you might like to listen (if so, click here) to a podcast on Hong Kong radio by one of our members, Patricia O’Sullivan, about Plum’s father Henry Ernest Wodehouse. It's on RTHK, Radio 3, Hong Kong’s English Language station, on a programme called Hong Kong Heritage.

The Dinner Scripts of The P G Wodehouse Society (UK)

An exciting new publication is now on sale (for more information click here).

New Anthology

On 10 November 2016 Hutchinson published Highballs for Breakfast, a short Wodehouse anthology. It is a neat summation of PGW’s way of applying humour to alcohol. Click here to order or here for more information.

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