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An offer for members

A Man of Means

In 1991, the late John Fletcher obtained permission from the Wodehouse Estate, in whose copyright the texts remain, to publish in book form the collection of six stories by P G Wodehouse and Charles H Bovill which appeared in the Strand magazine from April to September 1914. The book, published by Porpoise Books, incorporated all the illustrations from the original Strand representations, and was initially published in a limited edition of 200 hardback copies, with a pictorial red, black and white jacket.

A paperback version was also authorised and offered for sale in 1993.

A number of copies of the original hardback have been discovered at the warehouse of the distributor used by John’s publishing company, and the Society has been invited by his widow to offer them to members on her behalf at a price of £15 per copy (inclusive of postage cost to anywhere worldwide).

If you are interested in acquiring one or more copies, please send a letter to the address below, enclosing a sterling cheque for the correct amount, payable to ‘The P G Wodehouse Society (UK)’ and giving a full postal address for the book to be sent to, including state and country (please use CAPITAL LETTERS):

Book Order

26 Radcliffe Road


Surrey  CR0 5QE

Note that any later publication of this book by other publishers has not been authorised by the Wodehouse Estate.  If it has been published outside the UK it may have been published legally within prevailing copyright rules in the country of publication, but our understanding of the UK Copyright position is that such editions may not be introduced into the UK.

A pensive John Fletcher during the Millennium Tour, 2000 (photo by Jean Tillson)