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The Wodehouse Orchids

Members of our Society will see an interesting article in the March 2010 edition of Wooster Sauce about Wodehouse Orchids. Jim Durrant of McBean's Orchids has created hybrid orchids for many years now and has over time created a series of orchids with the names of characters or places appearing in Wodehouse's books. Each 'cross' of orchid has a separate name and to differentiate between plants in the same 'cross' a varietal name is given. It is these varietal names that have the Wodehousean names, for example Christmas Cheer 'Aunt Dahlia' and Loch Leven 'Bertie Wooster'!

Below are marvellous photographs of three of these orchids and we hope to display more here in future:

McBean's Polly 'Empress of Blandings'

Loch Leven 'Bingo Little'

P G Wodehouse 'Blandings'

Please see the article in Wooster Sauce for fuller information on these fascinating plants.

Seedlings of P G Wodehouse orchids in various shades of pink are available for purchase, please contact Jim Durrant at: sales@mcbeanorchids.co.uk. Also you can look at McBean's Orchids website (click here).