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The P G Wodehouse Society (UK)

On 16 November 2017 Random House will publish four new “Pick Me Ups”, each containing three PGW short stories. The books will retail at £4.99 apiece but readers of the December Wooster Sauce will be able to enter a competition to win a set.

Pick Me Ups

The pink Pick Me Up contains The Smile That Wins, Jeeves and the Song of Songs and The Great Sermon Handicap. The quote from Lynne Truss on the back cover reads: “You should read Wodehouse when you’re well and when you’re poorly; when you’re feeling clever, and when you’re feeling utterly dim. Wodehouse always lifts your spirits, no matter how high they happen to be already.”

The blue Pick Me Up contains The Amazing Hat Mystery, Uncle Fred Flits By and Trouble Down at Tudsleigh. The quote from Olivia Williams on the back cover reads: “Wodehouse should be prescribed to treat depression. Cheaper, more effective than Valium and far, far more addictive.”

The orange Pick Me Up contains Goodbye to All Cats, Ukridge’s Dog College and Ukridge’s Accident Syndicate. The quote from Marian Keyes on the back cover reads: “The ultimate in comfort reading. For as long as I’m immersed in a PG Wodehouse book, it’s possible to keep the real world at bay and live in a far, far nicer, funnier one where happy endings are the order of the day.”

The green Pick Me Up contains Mulliner’s Buck-U-Uppo, The Spot of Art and Strychnine in the Soup. The quote from Caitlin Moran on the back cover reads: “To have one of his books in your hand is to possess, by way of a pill, that which can relieve anxiety, raginess, or an afternoon-long tendency towards the sour.”