In this section of the website you will find an attempt to give you a guide to the written and recorded material available to those interested in the Master’s works. After all, you might reason, if a person can’t get that kind of chapter and verse on his Society’s website, where the deuce is one supposed to get it?

The trouble is, it’s mightily difficult keeping track of all the different versions of stuff by or about anyone who found the time to write nearly a hundred books. So we are not claiming this to be definitive, but we hope you will find it helpful.

Next to all of the material here has been very kindly provided by Tony Ring, a member of the Society and its committee, and an acknowledged expert in all aspects of PGW’s work.

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In what order did he write his novels?

In 2011 the Society finished working on a guide to the chronological order of the publication of P G Wodehouse’s fiction.  It is laughingly referred to as a ‘Simplified’ guide, but nevertheless cannot be regarded as light bedside reading.  Its objectives are stated simply to be:

a - to provide a simple, yet accurate, chronological guide to the first publication of the stories to be found in books of fiction by P G Wodehouse (whether novels or collections of short stories) published during his lifetime; and

b - to identify the order in which these stories were first published, to help members wishing to use that approach to reading some or all of the works.

The link to the chronological list is here.

And there’s more …

Although the information contained above will probably be enough to satisfy most curious natures, there is more. If you want to find out about the Chronology and the way it was put together, click on the following links:

An Introduction to the Chronology

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