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In the autumn of 2010, Bob Rains and Andrea Jacobsen, of The Wodehouse Society on the other side of the pond, were on Long Island to attend a wedding and, with a little time to spare, decided to investigate Plum’s last resting place – the Remsenburg Community Church graveyard.

Memorial Ceremony, Remsenburg – 22 April 2012

Arriving at their destination, they were horrified to find that there was “no historical marker to inform the wayfarer that he or she had arrived at a sacred spot”, and on their return decided to do something about it.

Authorities were contacted, facts were researched, permissions were obtained – and most importantly, funds were raised. A memorial was commissioned and created. And on April 22nd 2012, a ceremony was held, attended by members from both sides of the above-mentioned pond, to mark its installation.

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And on the left are photos of the ceremony, taken by Barbara Cross, which show Bob and Andrea with the memorial, the memorial itself, and archetypal British weather for an archetypal British writer!