A Dash of Wooster Sauce

Wooster Sauce is the Quarterly Journal of the P G Wodehouse Society (UK), available only to members in hard copy. Here are the Contents of the 24-page June 2019 edition.

● How to be an Author, Nick Townend reveals advice from Plum to a 16-year-old pupil at Dulwich.
● The Wodehouse Memorial at Westminster Abbey.
● Dedication of the Wodehouse Memorial, 20th September 2019.
● Say What?
● Society News.
● Situations Vacant: Editor, Wooster Sauce.
● A Sporting Evening by Andrew Bishop.
● Profile of a Patron: Victoria Coren Mitchell.
● A Cosy Moment.
● Letters to the Editor.
● Death Notice.
● My First (and Latest) Wodehouse Experience by Sanjoy Sen.
● A Wodehouse Favourite: Rex Stout by Richard Heller.
● Appointments in the Clergy spotted by Murray Hedgcock.
● My PGW Collection by Penelope Forrest.
● We Remember: Alexander Dainty, Cyril Hershon and Jelle Otten.
Jeeves and the Song of Songs reviewed by Steve Griffiths.
A Damsel in Distress reviewed by Caroline Franklyn.
● Wodehouse Quiz 31: Ship Ahoy!
● The Word Around the Clubs.
● The Wooster Source by Graeme Davidson.
● Top 50 Wodehouse Romances.
● Poet's Corner: A Word in Season.
● The Bibliographic Corner by Nick Townsend.
● PGW at the British Library by Elin Woodger Murphy.
● Recent Press Comment.
● Future Events for Your Diary.


● Additionally in the By The Way supplement: Wodehouse's Police Officers - Part II, compiled by Tony Ring.