A Dash of Wooster Sauce

Wooster Sauce is the Quarterly Journal of the P G Wodehouse Society (UK), available only to members in hard copy. Here are the Contents of the 24-page September 2019 edition.

  • West End Wodehouse: Leave it to Psmith (1930-31), by Clive Beautyman

  • Society News

  • A Spiffing Offer for Members

  • The End of an Era, by Robert Bruce

  • A Quizzing Triumph, by Peter Thompson

  • My First Wodehouse Experience, by Albert Fenton

  • Letter to the Editor

  • Books, Books, and More Books

  • Another One for the Christmas Stocking?

  • Pelham Grenville Wodehouse - Volume 1: "This is jolly old Fame", by Paul Kent, reviewed by Michael Chacksfield

  • Pig News

  • "His Captain's hand on his shoulder smote", book review by Murray Hedgcock

  • A Daily Dozen of "Who's Wodehouse?", by Ken Clevenger

  • Journey into Fantasy: the Psmith novels of PG Wodehouse, by Richard Heller

  • PG Wodehouse and "The Message" Part I, by Brian Wagstaff

  • Blandings in Berlin, by Martin Breit

  • The Word Around the Clubs

  • PG Wodehouse in the Bertrand Russell Archives, by Roger Baxter

  • Wodehouse Quiz 32: Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Set by David Buckle

  • The Bibliographic Corner, by Nick Townend

  • The Wooster Sauce, by Graeme Davidson

  • Poet's Corner: The Modern Babe

  • Recent Press Comment

  • Future Events for Your Diary


  • Additionally in the By The Way supplement: Where Was Wodehouse? And When? 1918 - 1921, by Norman Murphy.