The PG Wodehouse Society (UK)

The P G Wodehouse Society (UK) is a friendly and very active society, welcoming all of those who admire the work of P G Wodehouse. We hold a number of meetings and events throughout the year such as evenings with a guest speaker. We also have a quarterly magazine for our members, with additional publications, called Wooster Sauce. There is a thriving cricket section and even a Real Tennis team! The Society has held a number of tours around Wodehouse's England visiting many of the places that inspired him. There is a Biennial Dinner, typically held in one of the Inns Of Court in London, and much more.

The Society is well run with a committee and many other people helping with its organisation. The emphasis of the Society is to meet and enjoy the company of like-minded people, as well as to highlight the work of P G Wodehouse.

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Wooster Sauce

Remembering our Remembrancer
Memories of Norman Murphy, from those who knew him